Sunday, 18 November 2018

Witness Captures Possible Yowie sounds

A local resident of this area on the Sunshine Coast in QLD heard some strange barking noises in November 2018 and contacted independent researcher, Ron Quinton for assistance in trying to figure out what was making them. Ron contacted wildlife expert, Gary Opit for assistance which Gary was not able to assign to known Australian Wildlife. Is This a Yowie making these noises?

Monday, 12 November 2018

The Australian Yowie uncovered!

Is this the face of the pro-ported Australian Yowie? 

This image (on left) was captured by Ray Doherty of the Australian Yowie Project. Brisbane artist, Buck Buckingham then reconstructed the image based on his observations in a sketch, and from the sketch into a life like bust. Read the full article in here in the seminar I delivered on Nov 10 at Nana Glen, NSW Yowie Town Hall.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

News and Updates June 2018

We have been away but now we back and slowly getting back into our work  but we have some new exciting projects coming up and you can be part of it !


After much thought I have decided to write a book of Eye Witness accounts of people who have encountered what they believe to be an Australian Yowie, whether it was recent of 50 years ago, it doesn't matter. We are looking for true and interesting stories and your confidentiality is assured.

Simply send me an email to with a brief outline of your story and then we can arrange a telephone interview to gain a fuller understanding of your encounter. There is no money to made doing this, for me, its not about that, I am simply wanting to contribute to the body of work on the subject.


I will be shooting a small doco on the subject in QLD in July.


Don't forget we update our facebook page more often than this page, its - check it out and please give it a like

I have also helped to launch a new group on facebook where we discuss the subject and sightings
on a daily basis, its a thriving group and your welcome to join. Simply search facebook for
Coffs Harbor and Far North Coast Yowie research group

Any questions you can email me directly on the email or FB accounts above

Stay well and thanks for your support