Tree Sitter Photo Sequence leading to head shot

This is the full sequence of shots for the Tree Sitter photo taken by myself. This is to verify the authenticity of the end product giving us this now famous face & head shot leading to the bust created by Brisbane Artist Buck Buckingham

This is the original I took of the tree sitter

Here is the zoomed in before and after. One minute the object was on the tree branch,
when I looked away to reset the camera it was gone 

I zoomed in further and enriched the color, brightness and contract to try to sharpen the image.
You can just begin to make out some details on the face. Most notably, the forehead, eye and nose.

Again I zoom in and use the sharpen filter and again some details are starting to be seen
but still highly subjective.

This was the final image and I cannot improve upon this with
current software. We can see number details and dark to the readers left
of the image, but again, very subjective, not very clear at all

In June 2018 I downloaded this program and applied the Tree Sitter photo, not once but twice, below is the end result

This is the final image...Impressive details are now clear. I focused purely on the 
hairless feature of the face when I put it through 'After Focus' We can clearly see the face, forehead, brow ridge, large eye sockets, eye, nostrels, teeth, large eye teeth and beard

This is to demonstrate how we got to the final image


  1. Did you photograph this Yowie...or did you notice it in the photo later ?

    1. I knew there was something there that fitted the profile but I didnt know exactly what at the time. Not until I looked away to reset the camera and it had gone. Then I had a close look when I got home