By Ray Doherty 

In the first part of this small presentation we showed you images of foot prints and Nesting sites that could not have been made by any other creature in the Australian bush for the following reasons

1. Creatures that could have made nests and prints of that size do not live in this forest
2. The size of the nests and of the prints are too big and are not know to be made by any currently gazetted Australian Animals
3. Creatures that could have possibly made these impressions and nests would not be able to traverse the area where the items where found, only a bipedal creature could have...........

so it begs the question who or what made it? the answer, a human or a Yowie. In this next page, here are images that we have taken that are Yowies. Some are relatively clear, others are not. We do not at this time posses a SLR camera with a 300 mm + telephoto lens if we did we would have taken some of the best photos ever, on their these are pretty good. These are the raw photos only, the blogs have all of the details 

In no particular order

Taken September 2012
Enlarge and isolated from above 

Late 2013 

Enhanced from above image 

Captured on trail camera September 2012

Captured at 50 meters in fading light, January 2013

Long range capture, subject is 30 meters up in a 45 meters tree 40 meters from us, see Tree sitter Reports - Captured January 2014 

Captured April 2014, subject was 35 meters up in a 50 meter Gum tree some 50 meters from us, 15 meters to the right of the image captured on Jan 2014

The second in series from Jan 2014, either this is the same one who had moved position  or it is a second creature in the same tree. If you look in the craw of the tree we beleive there could be a baby Yowie hidden there, a head or face of some kind is visible 

Our very first capture from 120 meters away, late afternoon with a 8 MP camera in August 2011, see the recreation blog for more details but the height of this individual was estimate at somewhere between 6'3 and 6'7

Enhanced version 
Maximum zoom in 
We believe these photos represent 6-8 eight different individuals and where all taken in the same location over a 3 year period. We will have new reports on these photos coming out in the next few months. Photos that are anything other than crystal clear will always create conjecture. These are only our thoughts based upon our own work 

Thanks for reading

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